image of prisioner chained

Kidnapped by pirates

The Death of kings by Conn Iggulden

In his second book of his Emperor series, Con Igguldon describes how Julius Ceaser in his early military career enlisted into the Roman navy, patrolling the sea against pirates. These pirates were the scourge of Greek shipping around 76 BC.

The hunters soon became the hunted as the pirates sprang an elaborate trap and captured Julius and other valuable members of the crew, the slaves rowing the ship being left to drown.

The tradition amongst the pirates was to put a price on the captured sailors, when it can to Caesar's turn with typical arrogance he declared "Twenty silver coins only? I'm worth a lot more than that! They'll pay fifty to set me free!".

The pirate captain was not sure how to deal with this astonishing display of defiance and came within a swords stroke of changing the history of the Roman Empire.